Introducing Her Highness and Ms D’lacey


No tips from me this week, inkslingers, this is a “get to know me” post. I’ve been asked by a few of you what exactly I write about: the genre, the audience, my leading ladies. As I have already mentioned both of my series in passing, and I am probably going to mention them throughout this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to answer publicly the questions I have been asked and more.

Her Dark Majesty ~

The namesake of this blog, the reason a lot of people on the internet know me, and a story I have been writing since I was 12 years old, the Her Dark Majesty series is based on the life of Scarlet Storm. Princess of Purgatory in a world that operates parallel to our own, Scarlet is a juvenile Dark Angel at the tender age of 120 when we start her story. Purgatory has a matriarch system and Scarlet is second in line to the throne after her older sister. However, much to her mother’s disdain, Scarlet would rather spend her nights in a forest rather than learning her duties.

Scarlet is a name a lot of you may know me by already. She was actually created at first as an Alto Ego for me to build my confidence. Scarlet had so many problems thrown at her but was able to continue on, and she was my inspiration and shield as a younger child. As I’ve grown, Scarlet has blossomed too. She is not always an easy character to love, her morals are dubious at times, but I have always tried to keep her a realistic character despite the magic the world runs on.

Genre: New Adult Fantasy

Books in series: Currently three, may be more.

Perspective in book: Focus on the royal family, but some chapters are based on key characters throughout the realm.

Inspiration: Various points in history, mythologies involving heaven, hell and purgatory, strong female characters.


Heavenly Fate ~

This series was one I started writing when I lost a lot of muse for Scarlet and her gang. I wrote the first in the series for NaNoWriMo so it was a bit terrible but I have really come to love this series. Based in our world the story follows Cassiopeia D’lacey, an aspiring artist. One evening during an ordinary shift at her cleaning job, she discovers that our world is ruled by a dark and sinister group of creatures not from our world. When their world was destroyed they sought refuge amongst humans and bound them into unknown slavery. They are our politicians, our religious leaders, every figure in a position of authority, and the only person who can bring them down and restore balance is Cassie.

Cassie is one of my favourite characters. This story is designed for a lot younger audience so she has a more innocent charm than Scarlet. For me her story encapsulates that feeling of pressure a lot of 16 – 18 year olds feel when they start A levels or university. She has had a relatively easy life until the point the story begins, when she find everything she knows is yanked out from under her. Her struggle in dealing with so many new things is great fun to write. However, through her I tackle a lot of quite serious problems on politics and religion.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Number of books in series: Currently two.

Perspective in the book: Each of the books follows a different one of the main characters.

Inspiration: Superheroes, politics, religion, mythology, Philip Pullman.


I hope this has cleared things up for you and you’re look forward to reading more about these guys throughout the blog.

As always, feel free to comment and ask questions as always,

Keep Writing Inkslingers!



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