Wonder Woman: The Birth of a Legend


“There are many myths that surrounds Wonder Woman’s birth, her early life, and how she came to us at a time we so desperately needed her. But whenever I ask she simply smiles and asks which story I would like for her to tell. I don’t think us mortals will ever know the story that brought our Wonder Woman to us.” – Steve Trevor, 1974.

Discover the true origins of the woman behind the blade, Diana, and how she came to be the legend that is Wonder Woman.


So I have been invited by a lovely group of wattpad writers to join their alternative batman universe by overseeing wonder woman. I’m currently writing her origin stories and I’m uploading them on wattpad for the people there following the alternative universe as a whole, but as I have so many followers here too I thought I would post them on WordPress also.

I hope you enjoy it!


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