So you’re here.

Hours of mindless clicking and typing into google whatever just happened to pop into the clear void that is your mind on a weekend or the drink addled brain after work, have led you to here, my blog. Perhaps it was your quest into the older parts of England’s history, or perhaps in bored-like state you have decided to take up a new hobby on writing, and have begun the process of joining all the most well known authors before you by practicing the sordid art of procrastination. Whatever your reason, you have stumbled now upon a blog, a blog you hopefully find rather interesting, helpful, or at the least – humorous.

This section is very rarely clicked on you see, so something must have made you wondered just what genius – or mad person – is writing such a blog. So let me introduce myself. I am an amateur writer, which means I fancy myself one day writing a marvelous book but as of yet I have not pulled myself out of the procrastination pit and actually finished said novel. I am also a passionate historian, having chosen to spend three years of my life gorging myself on the dust fumes of the biggest libraries England has to offer.I won’t bore you with what I actually am in the real world, because you’re not here for any of those types of skills.

So please, do wonder through my own personal Mind Library. The Literary Corner is full of my writing tips, opinions on the literary world, book reviews and general thoughts on the written word; My Work is full is full of information on what I am personally writing on, and perhaps by the time you’re reading this some short stories of my own too; the History Nook is dedicated to my unhealthy obsession with the past; and The Travellers Guide is full of my adventures around the world – hopefully there will be something in there that inspires you.

Anyway. Do enjoy yourself, take your time browsing the shelves, and do try not to spill any coffee on anything, will you?


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